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Hollow Sections (Square Steel Tubes)

1. Specialized in Square Steel Tubes

Sehansteel Co.,Ltd. is the only professional sales company for square steel tubes in South Korea. Especially, we carry Japanese and Korean 'High Quality' products.

We are available to order small quantities for any sizes of square tubes. 

Especially, our products are technically superior to others in terms of straightness and quality.

2. Small Quantity Batch Production

 3. Good Quality Control

The logistic center is located in the middle of South Korea. We have around 10,000 Tons of square tubes in stock in the warehouse. We're always trying to keep the best condition for the best quality. 

We're available various types of square and rectangular steel pipes and handle mainly big size of tubes. (200x200 ~ 550x550)

4 Various Types & Specail Sizes

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